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Government ban drives e-cigarettes to black market

  • 2018-11-27

Hong Kong government is set to impose a full ban on the getting popular e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn cigarettes, and some legislative councillors believed that the policy would ruin the legal market and push the products into the black market. E-cigarettes have become popular in recent years in Ho …

Poor public wet market management needs to be fixed

  • 2018-11-27

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has promised to build public wet markets in newly developed areas to help counteract the near monopoly of the Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link Reit), but people said the ineffective management of public wet markets remains a problem to be s …

Shared power bank business makes a slit at Hong Kong

  • 2018-10-09

Shared power bank business is expanding in Hong Kong with the mobile phone becoming an indispensable part of our life, however, some service providers are still facing difficulties and a few even have suspended their services under safety and other business concerns. Locate a shared power bank thoug …


Unstaffed stores hard to develop in Hong Kong

Unmanned stores have been introduced to Hong Kong hoping to improve retailers' profit margins by reducing staff costs, while business insiders believe it may be difficult to expand their business in the short run because customers are not yet accustomed to this new shopping experience. Amazon Go, un …

Tik Tok too instant to attract advertisers

  • 2018-09-14

Blew-up short video platform, Tik Tok encounters obstacles finding advertisers as its fast and instant characteristics make advertising hard for users and advertisers. Tik Tok influencers are unable to show their characteristics and sell the products in details, Mr Edwin Wong Kong-yuen, the co-found …

Hong Kong rekindles love for bubble tea

  • 2018-09-12

Many Hong Kong people are willing to spend an hour even more time waiting in lines just to buy a cup of bubble tea and that returned love for such beverage has lured more and more traditional Taiwanese tea shop operators to come and tap the market. “We want to expand our business to other countries …

ANC talks down economic impact on possible Spain-Catalonia split

  • 2018-05-30
  • 新報人財經 TYFP
  • 記者:劉沛林、何唯一、王嘉琛、鄧梓英編輯:劉沛林
  • 2018-05-30

Reporter: Howard Liu、Jeannie Tang、Lisa Wang、Only He (Reported from Spain) Editor: Howard Liu The potential independence of Catalonia would not harm its economy and the impacts would be eliminated within two years, said Liz Castro, the spokesman of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC). Assemblea Nac …

Spain's economy reeled from Catalan's crisis but may suffer in longer term

  • 2018-05-22

Reporter: Jimmy Ding、Vicki Yang (Reported from Spain) Editor: Jimmy Ding Spain’s GDP has achieved 3.1% growth in 2017 year-on-year despite the political uncertainty clouded by Catalonia’s independence movement started on last year October, dragging the last quarter growth rate down to 0.7%. “Catalon …

HK-listed steel stocks reel back despite trade war

  • 2018-04-27

Hong Kong-listed steel stocks have recouped the losses incurred since U.S. president Donald Trump signed off punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium products import to the United States as investors believed the impact of tariffs will be short-lived. “A slump in the steel market will not stay for lo …


Bambu: AI cannot replace finance experts in FinTech

With a rising demand for Financial Technology (FinTech) in Hong Kong, more and more institutions want to jump into this new and trendy industry but Bambu, a startup in this sector, said artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace experts in the FinTech industry. Bambu, which is a business to busines …